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Thursday, July 29, 2010

~ Blossom ~

"And the day came
when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful
than the risk it took
to blossom."
~ Anais Nin

As I've mentioned before - I was painfully shy when I was young.  My heart would beat a ga-zillion miles an hour, feeling like it was coming up through my throat choking off my air supply - just from the simple task of asking a question or making a comment in a public setting.  I did not like the feeling of eyes looking upon me, and my face would turn scarlet red if there was any sign of being put on the spot.

It wasn't until probably around my senior year in high school, that I somewhat felt as if I was coming out of my "shell."  I became more involved with school activities and had a great group of friends.  Though I was still completely terrified to speak in front of people - in any way shape or form.

And it wasn't until probably the last 5 years that I feel as if I've blossomed a little bit more, and am not so painfully shy anymore - in the sense I mentioned.  I am able to speak in public without feeling like I'm going to die at any second from a heart attack - (though sometimes it does creep in a little once in awhile), and my confidence level has surely progressed  This is because I either forced myself to blossom or was encouraged to with certain events in my life.

When the above quote found me last year ... I totally "got it." 
I related to the message completely.  Because I can honestly say from all these years of my life - that yes!! ... It IS more painful to "remain tight in a bud" than to blossom.  But I didn't discover it until I went through life's experiences of it.  Stepping out of our comfort zone is a little scary.  But once you do it and do it often ... the "pain" is replaced with a feeling of joyful freedom really.

I try to involve myself in things that compel me to continue practicing "blossoming" and I can assure you, the more you practice at blossoming, the easier and less painful it becomes - even speaking in public which I can pretty much do now without increase in heart rate - and THAT is definitely a step in progression for me!

I love the quote: "Our Deepest Fear" and a couple of the lines that touched me to the core when I first read it are:

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure ...
Your playing small does not serve the world."

Wow!  Look how poignant just a few words can be?! I strive daily to blossom  and not "play small" -because those in my life who blossom, truly bless me with their amazing spirit and my life is without a doubt, the richer for it.

I have discovered that if I - we - all remain "tight in a bud," how in the world are we to share our God-given talents and our extraordinary beings of creation with each other if we don't blossom?  I can't tell you how many countless times I have been blessed because of the many, many people in my life who have blossomed in so many ways.  I have also come to realize that by blossoming, I just might be able to give back a little to what I've been so abundantly given in my life.

Challenge yourself to blossom this week.  Start small.  Even baby steps can get you to the top of a grand staircase.  Take that first step.  There are people out there that only you can touch where no one else can.

Here's to a great Monday ... a new start and clean slate for the week ... a time to blossom! : )

p.s.... I am featured in the http://thebusymomblueprint.com/ site for my blog!!  Wow!!  Seriously it is an honor and a privilege.  Check out the site - it's a pretty amazing one and so informative! 

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